I know its been long. Will redesign blog and integrate into main portfolio site. Here’s my reel from 2011.

click for larger.

aaand a dance track: Let It All End.

  1. Anhedonia [download]
  2. No Life Loop [download]
  3. Fat Balding [download]
  4. Auuugh Yeah, Folks [download]

  • troll giant

Super Phone Conflict was a flash game I wanted to make with my friends Mike and David almost 6 years ago. Nothing really got done except for a game intro cinematic and some sprite work. Someone was kind enough to actually make a prototype game which you can download here. The controls are “asdw” to move and “,./” to attack. normal throw is “dw,” and the super is “dsawd,”. Below is the game cinematic and some sprites.

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